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Summer Fun Free Bingo Printables

Summer Fun Free Bingo Printables are here to the rescue! Summertime is full of fun, but when the kids have downtime and complain they are bored, give them something to do. A little boredom isn’t a bad thing; in fact, it inspires creativity! Guide that creativity with these fun bingo printables, designed to give kids of all ages some ideas to keep busy and engaged in good, meaningful activities.

Six bingo card variations are provided here. All are free. Print all for large families or print just a few for small families or to have multiple game variations.

I recommend laminating and reusing them. Dry-erase markers are perfect to use for crossing off the squares, or use stickers. Then decide how you’ll reward for four across or blackout (all squares completed). Also, will you allow your children to do the activities in a hurry or limit them to one or two a day, stretching out the time it takes to complete each card?

You might introduce the cards to the kids, along with a discussion about a possible reward for completion. Some reward ideas might be a campout in the backyard; a visit to a local, favorite place; reading a book together; a bit of spending money for the dollar store. Try to include ideas that aren’t listed on the bingo card, and decide the reward ahead of time. Otherwise, the kids might not be so motivated. Hopefully, most of the reward is the enjoyment of doing the activities on the card.

These summer fun free bingo printables offer a simple way to teach and reinforce goal setting, a valuable life skill that all kids must learn. Making it a game is so much easier for the parent to reinforce the idea of children doing active, good things, instead of just sitting around the house.

You are welcome to print any and all options linked here. This visual shows just one of the six options.

Free Bingo Printables for Summer

This bingo image represents 1 of 6 free printable bingo cards, available for your personal use. Commercial use and sale is not allowed.

Click here for card number 1.

Number 2.

Number 3.

Number 4.

Number 5.

Number 6.

If you use these free summer fun bingo cards to motivate your kids, I’d love to hear about it. Please share pictures on social media with us by tagging @utahfamilyfunstuff or drop me a line in the comments. Thanks so much, and have a great summer!

Pin these cute printables for future reference as well.

Make a game of summer activities with these free, fun bingo printables. Teach goal setting as you do constructive activities together. Six variations available for large or small families. Print what you need. #bingo #summer #free #printable #children #kids #fun

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