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Macy’s Candy Windows in Downtown Salt Lake City

Visiting Macy’s Christmas candy windows is a yearly holiday tradition for many families in Salt Lake City. If you’ve ever been, you’ll know they’re an impressive display of talent and thousands of pounds of candy. Even if you’ve seen them one year, they’re different the next. So many of us go back again and again.

Once you see them, you realize hundreds of hours are needed to create each window display. Many of them are giant ornaments that rotate, giving you a 360 perspective on each perfectly-detailed surface. Even if you’re not a fan of candy, these displays are art. They spark the imagination, and they make the holiday season seem just a bit more magical.

Macy’s Candy Windows

Macy's Candy Windows, Salt Lake City, Utah

Every year, Macy’s candy windows are unveiled just before Thanksgiving. Stay tuned on our event calendar to see each year. If you visit the windows prior to the day after Thanksgiving, you won’t have to wait in any lines to see them. But pretty much all of downtown celebrates the arrival of the holiday season that Friday, so at nights, especially, there tends to be lines to see the windows.

There are 5-6 windows on display each year, so there are several to look at. Just move along as you can, and enjoy watching each ornament rotate. It takes a minute or two to see each one, but that’s what you’re there for, so enjoy without rush.

Macy's Candy Windows, Salt Lake City, Utah

Can you believe all the candy? It takes almost 1300 pounds of candy , 130 different candy varieties, and $1000 to $2000 per ornament to create these fun displays. Every year we appreciate the artists who create them and imagine how sore their hands and fingers must be from all the work.

Macy's Candy Window, Salt Lake City, Utah

Other Places to Visit in Downtown Salt Lake City

Visiting Macy’s candy windows will take a bit of time, but you’ll want to fill your downtown visit with more of the fun holiday events nearby.


First of all, your children will probably be needing bathrooms. There are public restrooms at City Creek, Temple Square, and the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. They are all clean and well maintained. If you are a nursing mom, you’ll appreciate the soft couches inside the restrooms at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

Giving Machines in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building

While you’re downtown, why not do a little good and donate to those in need? The Giving Machines, located inside the main lobby of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, are unique. They’re vending machines, but you’re buying a service or product for someone in need. For instance, you can purchase a bottle of water, and proceeds will be donated to a water purification project. Or buy supplies, medical needs, animals for designated projects worldwide. It’s fun and interesting to see all the options, and you don’t have to spend a ton. You can give just a few dollars or more, if your budget and desires allow.

Light the World, Giving Machines, Salt Lake City, Utah

See the Temple Square Lights and Concerts

Visiting Temple Square at Christmastime is a tradition you must do at least once. But many of us locals do it year after year. It doesn’t matter your religion. Anyone can appreciate the millions of lights, free concerts, and other seasonal displays. At the center of it all is a life-size nativity. It’s timed with narration depicting the birth of Christ. Visit this Temple Square link for all the details. Lights are on every evening 5:30 pm to 10 pm, beginning the day after Thanksgiving.

Temple Square Bells Concert

Visit City Creek

The shops are ultra festive and fun this time of year. We always enjoy strolling near the creek to spot the fish. And they’re still there this time of year. But the magic of decorations, lights, and overall festivities make the experience extra beautiful.

Whether you’re shopping or just want to have a bit to eat inside where it’s warm, you’ll like the City Creek area. Our favorite shop for eats is Kneaders; a bakery tends to hit the spot during the Christmas season.

City Creek at Christmas, Salt Lake City, Utah

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Macy's Candy Windows are a yearly Christmas tradition in Salt Lake City, Utah. We share other fun festivities to enjoy downtown while you visit. #saltlakecity #utah #christmas #macys #candy #windows #holidays

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