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Ice Castles in Midway, Utah, Are a Must See

Have you been to the Ice Castles in Midway? There are six locations across the country, and we’re so lucky to have one in Utah! If you have never been or haven’t been recently, let’s bring you up to speed.

The Ice Castles have been held at a few Utah locations throughout the years. Currently, they are at the beautiful Homestead Resort. It’s one of our favorite spots for a staycation anyway, and when you add the unique experience of the ice sculpturing at the castles, it’s awe inspiring. All formations are manmade, created with hundreds of thousands of handplaced icicles by talented artists. Sit on thrones, slide on slides, walk thru tunnels, and enjoy LED-lit sculptures. You simply can’t not have a memorable time.

But please do not take our word for it. Browse through our pictures and decide for yourself. Every person and family is different. Budgets are different. Expectations are different. We provide information so you can make an informed decision.

2020 Ice Castles Pricing

Monday-Thursday: Ages 12 and up, $13.99; ages 4 to 11, $9.99

Friday-Saturday (closed Sundays): Ages 12 and up, $17.99; ages 4 to 11, $11.99


Dates and hours are weather dependent. We strongly advise you to purchase your tickets well in advance online. You’ll reserve a timeframe to enter the event, but stay as long as you’d like once you enter. There are standby options to purchase, but they’re not guaranteed. This is an extremely popular event, and you don’t want to chance it, quite honestly.

Tips to Know before You Go

  1. Porta potties are available outside.

  2. Pets aren’t allowed, so please leave them home.

  3. Hot chocolate and goodies are available for purchase. However, there’s no good seating provided within the Ice Castles experience, so you stand and eat. For a meal, we recommend eating elsewhere before or after this event. The Homestead Resort is available for restaurant seating, but it was very busy the night we attended, so we went off site.

  4. Night is when we prefer to visit. The Ice Castles are ok cool during the day but beyond fabulous at night.

  5. Bring a sled for younger children to ride. The snow paths inside the event are slushy and can be hard for little peeps to walk in. They’ll be perfectly happy if you pull them in a sled.

  6. This isn’t a stroller friendly event. Because it’s basically icy slush, you really don’t want to trudge in the snow with stroller tires. It would be cumbersome. Wheelchair sleds are now available for use (shown below) for those who need them; first come, first serve.

  7. Dress warmly. This should go without saying, but we’ll say it again. Last time we went, some dude was in his shorts. He was dang cold and looked miserable. Daytime visits might be warm, but bring your winter gear anyway, and leave it in the car if you have to.

  8. Stash some bottled water. Even in the winter you must take care to stay hydrated. You don’t need to necessarily carry it inside the event, but have it in the car to sip on while you’re going home.

  9. Wear sunglasses and sunscreen if you visit during the day. The sun reflects on the snow and can burn you.

  10. Bring your best camera. A couple of years ago I brought my DSLR and had so much fun with it. There are spectacular shots here you can’t get anywhere else. My iphone takes good shots, but it’s not my best camera. It’s worth it to haul around your motherlode of lenses. Trust me.

Ice Castles Are Utah’s Frozen Spectacular

Ice Castles, Midway, Utah

Explore ice-sculptured paths for picture-perfect silhouette images.

Slide at Ice Castles, Midway, Utah

Going down the slide at the Ice Castles is a slick ride. Make sure you wear snow pants.

Ice Castles, Midway, Utah

Stay warm at the event with these safe, portable fires, located through the Ice Castles experience.

Ice Castles, Midway, Utah

You won’t be able to resist taking one-of-a-kind winter pictures of your kids.

Ice Castles, Midway, Utah

See the snowy slush? It’s above your ankles. Bring your warm boots and leave strollers at home. If you have a pull-along sled, bring it for little kids. The snow will be almost up to their knees. But it won’t stop them from dropping down on all fours to go through the tunnels. So fun!

Ice Castles, Midway, Utah

Wheelchair sleds are available for use. Some of the walkways within the experience are too narrow for them, but much of the venue is accessible by sled.

Have you been to Ice Castles? How did it go? What are your tips for those who might want to visit?

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The Ice Castles in Midway are a must-see at least once in Utah. We show you how to make the most of your visit. #icecastles #utah #midway

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