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Fruit Stands in Willard and Perry, Utah

Local fruit stands are the best way to buy your fresh fruit and produce. But where can you find them? Take a scenic drive on I-15 up to the Willard Bay area, and get on Highway 89. Keep going north, and you’ll see 10 fruit and produce stands that have all the local goods you’ll need.

Coming from Salt Lake City on the south end to the north, here they are! And if you want to know where you can pick your own produce in Utah, click here. We’ve got lots of places to show you!

Pettingill’s Fruit Farm

Pettingill's Fruit Stand, Willard Bay, Utah

Pettingill’s fresh fruit and produce stand is the first of several stands you’ll come to along Hwy 89 and headed north.

Pettingill’s, located at 8815 , US 89, Willard. Click here for online information.

Woodyatt Cherry Farm

Woodyatt Cherry Farm, Willard, Utah

Woodyatt Cherry Farm, 7630, US 89, Willard. Click here for more information. Closed Sundays. Open year-round. No u-pick.

Grammy’s Fruit and Produce

Grammy's Fruit and Produce, Willard, Utah

Grammy’s Fruit and Produce, 7375 US Hwy 89, Willard. Click here for more information.

Gray’s Orchard and Fruit Stand

Gray's Orchard, Willard, Utah

Gray’s Orchard, 1352 N Main Street, Willard. Click here for more information.

Tagge’s Famous Fruit and Veggie Farms

Tagge's Fruit Stand, Perry, Utah

Tagge’s, US 89, Perry. Click here for more information. Tagge’s offers a CSA program, and you’ll see their canned goods at local stores and markets. They have a variety of fruit stands along the Wasatch Front. You can also buy their products online.

Sumida Farms

Sumida Farm, Perry, Utah

Sumida Farm, 3333 US 89, Perry. Not much online information to find, but here it is.

Valcarce Farms

Sorry. Photo not available. Valcarce Lane, Perry. Click here for more information.

Nielson’s Produce

Nielson's Produce, Perry, Utah

And a close-up look inside.

Nielson's Produce, Perry, Utah

Nielson’s Produce, 2055 S US 89, Perry. Click here for more information.

Paul’s Patch

Paul's Patch, Perry, Utah

Paul’s Patch, 1985 S US 89, Perry. Just east of Maddox restaurant. Click here for more information.

There are other produce farmers in the area, but these are the stands that are right along the highway. We did skip a few little stands that looked temporary or didn’t have a business name on a sign. If you have questions about a specific fruit stand, please ask the business directly. Utah Family Fun Stuff won’t be able to answer your questions, and we don’t want to accidentally tell you incorrect information.

Have you been to any of these fruit stands in Willard and Perry? Please tell us about them in the comments.

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